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Avail Latest Technology of Durable & Reliable Tubular Solar Batteries, Auto Batteries, Stabilizers, Flat Plate Inverter Batteries, Solar Controllers & More Items From Us!

About Us

We at New Gold Battery have been standing strong in the Indian markets, since 1960, through our work of utmost integrity, authenticity and loyalty. By working proficiently as a distributor and service provider, we have been providing high end solutions to companies as well as individuals for brand new batteries and other products. The line which we have been supplying includes Tubular Solar Batteries, Stabilizers, Auto Batteries, Solar Controllers, Flat Plate Inverter Batteries, Polycrystalline PV Modules and more products. Our experts also render the finest Repairing Services of these batteries as per the requirements of customers. All the items supplied by us have quality certifications of latest international standards. The popular brands of batteries in which we have been dealing include Luminous, Exide and Amaron

Through our ethical and value driven work, we have taken our enterprise to the forefronts of national markets. A large number of customers prefer to avail solutions from us because of our advantageous pricing and customer oriented work management.


We are a team of professionals devoted to providing finest products and solutions to the customers. There are several quality attributes that keep our teamwork effective throughout the business processes. These attributes include their scheduled & organized procurement and supply of Solar Controllers, Auto Batteries, Polycrystalline PV Modules, Tubular Solar Batteries, etc. They maintain absolute coordination & collaboration among each other. Their progressive, positive and productive mindset of working keep them moving forward in singular direction.

Our Partners

  • Amaron Batteries India: With launch of Amaron Batteries in year 2000, the availability of durable power devices increased especially for Indian automobile sector. The enterprise became game changer in the power industry by bringing enhanced products that require negligible maintenance, have longest warranty in the marketplace and more. 
  • Exide: In the gone six decades, Exide has solidified its position in the energy storage device production sector as the leading enterprise. This brand has become popular, trusted and reliable among the people across world. With an extensive range of lead-acid storage batteries space, they are catering to the demands of both sectors including automotive and industrial.
  • Luminous Power Technologies: This brand has grown to become a hub of innovative electrical & solar products, batteries, inverters and more items. They are backed by 7 large and advanced manufacturing units. With over 28+ sales offices in Indian region, they have built presence in more than 36 countries
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